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Extendable Chakra bracelet

Extendable Chakra bracelet

GST Included

In yoga and meditation this is speaking about the wheels throughout your body that transform into energy; during your whole body. There's seven major chakras that align the spine and start right at the bottom of your spine and move all of the way up through the crown of your head.

To stop and to promote a proper energy flow. It can be somewhat difficult to maintain a chakra open at first, but not so hard once you become aware. All the 7 colored stones reflects another chakra and you may use the bracelet to station your attention into maintaining your chakras open and healthy. Having awareness of each chakra can help bring back balance in your body.

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each Bracelet is a natural stone and will vary slightly.


We all love the simple convenience of an elastic stretch bracelet, but no one wants to have that moment when the elastic gives and the beads scatter across the floor in all directions.

By making a few simple changes in how you wear them can prevent this from happening.

Whatever you do, don’t pull on one end of the bracelet to form a larger circle or triangle shape and stretch it over your hand. This will put stress on the elastic and eventually if not straight away, it will snap. The correct way to put on your bracelet is to, roll the beads over your wrist, stretching the elastic as little as possible.

Do not wear your bracelets to bed ,in the shower or at the beach, as exposing the elastic to chemicals such as shampoo, soap, body wash perfume or creams will break down the elastic over time & it will eventually break.

A few simple changes in how you wear your elastic stretch bracelets will go a long way towards making them last.

Your bracelets will last ,if you always remember the above simple steps.

Disclaimer; Crystals should not be used instead of regular medical treatment, but in addition to treatments Always seek professional help when dealing with health-related problems Crystals should be kept out of reach of children as may cause a choking hazard




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