Iolite Sunstone Sphere 60mm  Approx.

Iolite Sunstone Sphere 60mm Approx.

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If you are in the creative arts, you can use Iolite Sunstone to help aid in boosting your creative ideas by allowing your imagination to run wild.

You can also use this stone during meditation and astral travelling as it will help clarify your vision and open your mind to all new horizons.

By allowing you to activate your third eye chakra, this stone will let you to gain access to psychic abilities which will help you a great deal during your interdimensional travel.

Iolite Sunstone can also help to refine and tune one’s intuition. It helps you to always remain sharp between the ears and react to any situation that presents itself to you.

Note: Sphere may be slightly different to picture as crystals do vary.

Disclaimer; Crystals should not be used instead of regular medical treatment, but in addition to treatments Always seek professional help when dealing with health-related problems Crystals & small parts should be kept out of reach of children as may cause a choking hazard